1-2-3 For You And Your Customers

What distinguishes a Granite Transformations makeover from all others, is our market-leading ‘top that fits on top’.

Thanks to our material’s slimline dimensions, light weight and tough, durable finish, it’s designed to fit directly over existing worktops, vanity units, tiled walls, splashbacks, countertops and other surfaces, without demolition, dust, debris or builder’s waste. It’s a clean, handsome, high-end solution to many makeover applications in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, laundry and elsewhere around the house and for you, the franchise owner, it entails a highly professional 3-step system.

1. Measuring up, templating and specifying in the customer’s home.

2. Fabricating made-to-measure fittings in your workshop.

3. Installing the prefabricated materials over customer fixtures.

For your customers, a Granite Transformations makeover is also seen as a simple 1-2-3 step process, in their own homes. 

1. Choosing finishes and measuring up existing fixtures.

2. Offering up prefabricated, customised fitments for the job.

3. Bonding materials into place, finishing off and wiping over.

Since the last two processes usually do take only a matter of hours in the customer’s home, with all fabrication undertaken off-site in your workshop, you will normally make good our eyecatching slogan ‘Fitted in one day’.