4 Minute Kitchen Makeover

It’s our proud claim that many Granite Transformations kitchen makeovers can be carried out in a single day, with no dust, debris or disruption. But seeing is believing. So we filmed an actual worktop and replacement door installation using time-lapse photography, from a fixed camera position. Then we speeded up the day-long action into a four-minute video, with fascinating results. You will see our fitters install prefabricated worktops over the existing surfaces, remove the old cabinet doors and drawers, then fit new ones, create a new corner wall unit and build a tall storage cupboard, all in one day. You can watch our plumber disappear into the cupboard under the sink, the reappear suddenly, and see the new cupboard being built in the foreground. You will appreciate how tidy the guys are and how meticulous when fitting finishing touches like splashback upstands, waterfall ends, cabinet kickboards, and door and drawer pulls. All in real time in just one day, as you’ll see by the gathering darkness outside and on-screen clock, with no shortcuts or camera tricks. If you want proof of our Fitted In One Day slogan, this is it!