Desirable Franchise Areas Available

While Granite Transformations is flourishing throughout Great Britain and Ireland, there are still plenty of highly desirable franchise territories available.

Your territory will consist of a designated geographical area containing upwards of 50,000 or 100,000 residential households, with a higher initial ‘building block’ of 200,000 allocated to those choosing to take up a Retail Showroom franchise model.

We have recently undertaken a comprehensive remapping exercise, through our cutting-edge territory management service, and each franchise territory is designed to be readily manageable and particularly profitable for the prospective franchisees, taking into account such factors as socio-economic profile, residential developments, road networks and drive times. Before getting back to us, you should consider broadly what regions and towns you might prefer, although do bear in mind that by no means all postcodes will be available and that less high profile areas usually mean lower rates and rents and reduced staffing costs.