Why become a Granite Transformations Franchisee?

Granite Transformations are looking for highly motivated, business minded franchisees, to take on a new challenge and expand the Granite Transformations brand in the Birmingham area.

Are you:

  • Based in Birmingham (or near the area)
  • A team player
  • Wanting to be your own boss
  • Highly motivated and business minded
  • Wanting to be part of a well established and respected company

White Star

Who is Granite Transformations?

Here at Granite Transformations we strive to remain number 1 in the home transformations department.

Since 1996 the brand has rapidly grown and become a well established and recognised fixture within the home makeover industry. On average the company completes around 8,000 bathroom and kitchen installations a month, generating worldwide annual sales of around £200 million.

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What is franchising?

Franchising is a business model used by some of the biggest companies worldwide, here are the key points: 

  • ‘Franchisor’ sells the rights to their successful business model to a ‘Franchisee’. Prices for buying into a franchise can vary depending on how well established and successful the business is. 

  • The franchisee gets to trade under the parent company name whilst receiving training, marketing and support directly from the ‘franchisor’.

If you’d like to learn more about franchising please visit our franchising page.

What are the benefits from becoming a franchisee?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a franchisee and these are the main advantages: 

  • The franchisee faces a lot less financial risk when buying into a franchise. Start-up companies have a higher financial risk rate when entering into business alone and without support.    

  • The franchise a franchisee buys into is already ‘tried and tested’ and will have a well established brand with a strong consumer following. 

  • The franchisee has total peace of mind knowing that the franchisor has resources, assistance and guidance available at all times should help be required.

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