Competing For Commercial Contracts

As a franchise owner you will be free to compete for commercial contracts anywhere, irrespective of your designated sales territory. Although there may be some level of head office involvement required if the project is unusually large or complex, to ensure lead times and quality standards are met.

The commercial sector opens up a whole wealth of potential contracts like hotel and pub refits, office upgrades, cloakrooms, retail fit-outs, yacht refurbishments and original commissions, typically involving longer jobs and higher values.

With ‘green’ materials now so important for sustainable building and renovation projects, our finishing products made with high levels of recycled materials and carrying international technical accreditations really do fit the bill and will enable you to compete effectively in contract pitches.

Already a number of our franchise owners have carried out high profile installations for the Open Youth Venue in Norwich, the award-winning Bricklayer’s Arms gastro-pub, Wembley Stadium, Cambridge University and the BBC, adding kudos to themselves and the brand.