Manned Concession In A Garden Centre

Franchise Fee: £25,000
Total Households: 100,000

Reducing the start-up, leasing and legal costs associated with traditional high street premises, this model is based on running a manned concession site at a garden centre with a good level of customer traffic. It entails the franchise owner investing in a purpose-built showroom display and rented garden centre floorspace, as well as operating nearby fabrication workshop facilities. Consumers keen on gardening show almost equal interest in home improvements and our network trading records indicate that garden centres generate good levels of passing trade and customer enquiries.

Your site should have sufficient space for merchandising our main product range, as well as one or two makeover displays, and should be staffed during normal garden centre opening hours. The lack of full-scale high street premises and the allocation of a more manageable sales territory are reflected in our lower franchise fee, although franchise owners looking to expand may be asked to upgrade to a retail showroom model.