Darrell Smith

Even those with extensive management experience appreciate the worth of a proven business model and established systems, provided by a mature franchise package.

That is true of Granite Transformations franchisee Darrell Smith, who feels that producing and marketing kitchen worktops is not something he would have contemplated on his own, despite a highly successful earlier career.

“With a franchise operation like Granite Transformations, half the work is already done for you,” he says. “The systems are set up, there’s a comprehensive training programme, streamlined product development and distribution, and the genuine benefits of national branding and award-winning marketing support. Besides which, the product virtually sells itself.”

He takes advantage of all the product training seminars, marketing material and sales aids that the franchisor has to offer, reasoning that a wealth of know-how is channelled into their design and development.

Although a comparative newcomer to the kitchens and bathrooms business, Darrell previously made quite a name for himself as an independent financial advisor. His financial management and direct sales skills doubtless contribute toward a smooth-running business and busy appointments diary, but Darrell attributes much of the franchise’s success to teamwork.

“We have a small team of around a dozen, but we all work to our individual strengths and the business itself has a proper management structure, with strict lines of responsibility.”

Contrary to the assumption that successful businesses might be wary of newcomers entering their market, Darrell positively welcomes the idea of enterprising people joining the Granite Transformations franchise network, since that means more networking, more intelligence sharing and more motivation to succeed.