Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please email us with your enquiry and we'll get right back to you.

  • Do I get an exclusive sales territory?

    Each franchise owner is allocated an exclusive postcode territory for domestic sales, which provides a defined catchment area for business growth. Each standard territory consists of around 100,000 households and has been mapped out professionally to ensure that the franchisee has the potential to build a successful and thriving retail operation. The franchise fee includes an initial ‘building block’ of 50,000, 100,000 or 200,000 households according to franchise model. Depending upon availability, other building blocks of 100,000 can be purchased subsequently by the franchise owner in adjacent or separate areas, although a manned showroom will be necessary for every 2 building blocks purchased.

  • Can I compete for commercial contracts?

    Generally speaking, commercial contracts are open to all franchise owners, irrespective of designated sales territory, although Granite Transformations may choose to be involved if the project is large and complex, to ensure lead times and quality standards are met. Our finishing materials open up a whole range of fitting-out or refurbishment opportunities, in pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels, retail outlets, commercial premises and public housing projects and we would usually encourage you to compete for such contracts. Once you become a Trend Approved stockist also, offering a whole collection of upscale mosaic collections, this will provide still further scope for lucrative commercial jobs.

  • How much is the franchise fee?

    There are various levels of franchise fee depending on which model you choose. As with many business propositions, the greater the investment, often the greater the returns, so the premium Retail Showroom model with 200,000 households offers the highest potential for turnover and profit margins in our view. However, the other packages have been developed to encourage entry from all levels of market experience, ambition and budget. If after considering the options, you wish to purchase a franchise, then you will be asked to pay an Intent To Proceed deposit of £2,500 (ex VAT), with the balance payable when you finally sign the franchise agreement.

  • Is the Intent To Proceed deposit refundable?

    If you enter into a franchise agreement with us, then the Intent To Proceed deposit will be credited against the franchise fee, when it becomes due. If for any reason you choose not to sign an agreement, within one month of submitting a letter of intent or a mutually-agreed extension, then the deposit will be refunded, less £1,000 to cover administration costs.

  • What additional capital is needed?

    This will very much depend upon the franchise package you adopt. At the Retail Showroom level, you will need capital for showroom and factory fit-outs, fabrication equipment, tools and consumables, signing for vehicles and premises, leasing and legal costs, and working capital, totalling upwards of £30k. The Concession Showroom model simplifies this further to a manned in-store display, interior signage, floorspace rental, vehicle leasing and a nearby fabrication workshop, resulting in more modest setting-up costs. If you already have retail premises, then our Existing Retailer option applies and the only fixed costs will relate to an in-store showroom display, internal and external signing and any additional fitting tools, although specialist fabrication equipment may be needed to supplement existing workshop facilities.