Setting Benchmarks For ‘Green’ Products

Even before sustainability became fashionable, the Trend Group made a commitment to implementing enterprise-wide manufacturing and material sourcing processes that helped preserve the earth’s resources.

As a result, Granite Transformations’ products are designed to consume fewer raw materials and have greatly extended durability.

Our agglomerate work surfaces are made in energy-efficient plants that have been ISO accredited for their strict environmental management standards, from reduced water and power consumption and low pollutant emissions, to minimal packaging and waste output. Indeed, by incorporating recovered glass and geological spoil otherwise destined for landfill, our agglomerate and mosaic glass products set industry benchmarks for the use of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content, resulting in levels as high as 78%.

Less Landfill

Why should home owners reface rather than replace? Well apart from the savings they’ll make by not ripping out cabinet carcases and stripping off old tiles, refacing cuts the amount of builder’s waste that would otherwise go to landfill, by as much as 75%. Our distinctive slimline materials, which you will retail and install, are specifically designed to fit neatly over existing surfaces, eliminating demolition, debris and additional reinforcement.

Environmental Management

Our agglomerate work surfaces are made in resource-efficient plants that are ISO accredited for outstanding environmental management standards. Our slimline granite, quartz and recycled glass are lighter and easier to ship and do not need extra structural adjustment. Whilst our replacement doors are produced using renewable energy sources, highly efficient computerised techniques and raw materials from well-managed commercial forests.

Recycled Materials

All of our work surfaces and mosaic tiles are made with a high content of post-consumer recycled raw materials, reaching levels as high as 78%. We pioneered the use of recovered kerbside material, typically used wine, beer and mineral water bottles, in our recycled glass surfaces, while our natural granite and quartz is salvaged from quarrying sites, eliminating unnecessary waste at source.

Greenguard Certification

Once installed in your customers’ homes, they will wish to be certain that Granite Transformations work surfaces and mosaic tiles do not give off harmful emissions. After all, people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, so the quality of air they breathe is important. So you will be able to reassure customers that our materials are Greenguard and Greenguard Children & Schools certificated, ensuring they emit no dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and guarantee the quality of indoor air.