Techniques For Fitting In A Day

Our slogan ‘Fitted in one day’ appeals strongly to our target customers, happy to forego the delays and disruption of a complete new installation, and we endeavour to evolve working techniques and fittings systems that help our franchise owners to achieve that timescale.

True, larger and more complex makeover projects may well require more time, but the majority of our worktop and door jobs are carried out within one working day. This not only delights the customer, it cuts working hours and allows fitters to move on to the next job.

One not-so-secret Granite Transformations technique is using prefabricated worktops and made-to-measure doors that can be fitted quickly, using relatively straightforward methods and tools. Our glass mosaic splashbacks also come pre-mounted and pre-grouted on flexible polyester mattresses, enabling otherwise fiddly tiles to be fixed quickly, easily and perfectly.

It all adds up to more speed, less hassle.