Retailing The Whole Trend Collection

As part of the Trend manufacturing and marketing group, we use agglomerate work surfaces and glass mosaic tiles produced by them especially for us.

Not only does this give us access to the distinctive agglomerate production process that underpins our main usp or unique selling point, ‘the top that fits on top’, it enables us to continually update our product range with new materials, new colours, new designs and finishes, constantly refreshing our brand offering.

As a successful Granite Transformations franchise owner, you would even have the opportunity to become a Trend Approved stockist, retailing the group’s complete collection of designer mosaic and decorative finishes. This could pave the way for upscale housing interiors, commercial projects, hotel and pub refits, even celebrity commissions. Certainly, it underlines the business growth potential of a Granite Transformations franchise.